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  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
  High Pure Metals
    • 概要:

      TYR supply all kinds of rare earth boride in powder, granules, discs, plate, rod, tube shape
      Explain for purity of Rare Earth Boridemore>>

    • 概要:

      supply rare earth telluride material in powder, pieces, granules, sputtering targets formmore>>

    • 概要:

      We have the good experience for the new tech material-rare earth sulfide now,high purity,single phase for the good quality.Avalible shape:Powder Powder size:-100mesh,-200meshe.t.c Granules, Granules s...more>>

    • 概要:

      TYR supplying high quality Compound semiconductor material, those material use in cell solar thin film coaitng,semiconductor thin film coating e.t.cmore>>

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Product classification

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