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What about the purity of rare earth Iodide ?

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Explain for purity of Rare Earth Iodide :what is the purity of Rare Earth Iodide ?Whats mean is “TREO”?Whats means is the “RE/TREO”? TREO means Total content of Rare Earth Oxide, REO/TREO means this RE element's content in the Total content of Rare Earth Oxide; for example La2O3/TREO: 99.9%, TREO: 99%, means La2O3 content is 99.9% in the total content of Rare Earth Oxide and Total content of Rare Earth Oxide is 99%.

Total content of Rare Earth Iodide are include those elements, Total 16 elements. They are La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu, Sc, Y
RE = rare earth
REM = rare-earth Metals
REE = rare-earth elements
REO = rare-earth Oxide
REY = rare-earth elements and yttrium
LREE = light rare earth elements (Sc, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu, and Gd; also known as the cerium group)
HREE = heavy rare earth elements (Y, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Lu; also known as the yttrium group

What are Rare Earths ?
The rare-earth elements (REEs) are a group of 17 elements (atomic numbers 57-71) that exhibit a range of unique electronic, optical and magnetic properties.
Because of their similarities to the REEs, scandium (Sc) and yttrium (Y) are considered by most scientists to be REEs too. Components manufactured from REE-containing compounds can have a profound effect on the ultimate performance of a range of complex, engineered systems and devices. Rare earths are used in the manufacturing of iPods, computers, cell phones, hybrid car motors, wind turbines and high tech military systems work. Rare earth Iodide  are used in Glass, Metallurgy, Paint drier, Ceramics, Electronics industry

What are the application of rare earth Iodide ?  Rare earth Iodide are mainly applied for Halide lamps.

Rare earth Iodide Cerium, CeI3, Yellow lump pieces, or powder, 
Neodymium Iodide , NdI3, Green lump pieces, or powder,   
Gadolinium Iodide ,GdI3, White lump pieces, or powder
Dysprosium Iodide , DyI3, Deep yellow lump pieces, or powder   
Rare Earth Erbium Iodide , ErI3, Pink lump pieces, or powder
Holmium Iodide , HoI3, Light yellow lump pieces, or powder   
Thulium Iodide , TmI3, Yellow lump pieces, or powder  
Ytterbium Iodide, YbI3, Yellow lump pieces, or powder 
Scandium Iodide , ScI3, Yellow lump pieces, or powder   

About Rare earth pricing
Rare earth elements are not exchange-traded in the same way that precious (for instance, gold and silver) or non-ferrous Iodide s (such as nickel, tin, copper, and aluminium) are. Instead they are sold on the private market, which makes their prices difficult to monitor and track. The 17 elements are not usually sold in their pure form, but instead are distributed in mixtures of varying purity, e.g. "Neodymium Iodide  ≥ 99%". As such, pricing can vary based on the quantity and quality required by the end user's application.

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