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  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
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Aluminum Nickel (Al-Ni) alloy sputtering targets use in evaporation or thin film coating

purity: 99.9%

Composition:   Al/Ni=3/1at  and Al/Ni=1/1at   or made by request

Size: max. 355.6mm (14 inch) ,

Length: 500mm max x Width 200mm x thickness 20mm max.,

Shape: Discs, disks, rod, step disk, delta, plate, sheets or made per drawing


We also can supply below alloy sputtering targets material:



Composition Composition Composition
Al-Ag Al-Cu Al-Si
Al-Si-Cu Al-Ni Al-Mg
Al-Nd Al-Cr Al-Hf
Al-Sc Al-Ti Sb-In
Bi-Sn Bi-Fe Co-Fe-Si-B
Co-Fe Co-Fe-Si Co-Sm,
Co-Ni Co-Cr Cu-Al
Cu-Ag Cr-Fe Cr-Al
Cr-Ni Gd-Fe Ge-Te
Hf-Al Hf-Fe Hf-Y
In-Sn In-Zn In-Sb
Fe-Co Fe-Pt Fe-Ru
Mg-Cu Mn-Fe Mo-Al
Mo-Nb Mo-Ta Nd-Al
Nb-Ta Nb-Ti Nb-Mo
Ni-Cr Ni-Ti Ni-Fe
Ni-V Ni-Mn Ni-Al
Sc-Al Si-Al Sm-Co
Sm-Fe Ag-Cu Ag-Al
Ag-In Ag-Zn Ta-Nb
Ta-Al Ta-W Ta-Ru
Tb-Fe Ti-Ni Ti-Al
Ti-W Sn-Zn V-Fe
V-W W-Ti W-B
W-Ta W-Al Y-Al
Y-Hf Y-Zr Zr-Y
Zn-Mg Zn-Al Zn-Sn


We have only listed the more popular material. Please feel free contact us with any special requirements at any times, we will try to get back for you ASAP.

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