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  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
  High Pure Metals
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Aluminum Fluoride (AlF3) ceramic sputtering target

Purity: 99.9%

Shape: Discs, disks, step disk, delta, plate, sheets or made per drawing

Diameter: 355.6mm (14") max.

Single piece Size: Length:<500mm, Width: <250mm, thickness:="">1mm, if larger size than this, we can do it as Tiles joint by 45 degree or 90 degree


Made sputtering targets method: hot pressing (HP), hot/cold isostatic pressing (HIP, CIP), and vacuum melting, vacuum sintering


Aluminum fluoride (AlF3) is an inorganic compound used primarily in the production of aluminum. This

 colorless solid can be prepared synthetically but also occurs in nature.

 Molar mass 83.9767 g/mol (anhydrous), 101.022 g/mol (monohydrate), 138.023 (trihydrate), 

Appearance:  white, crystalline solid, odorless , 

Density 3.1 g/cm3 (anhydrous), 2.1 g/cm3 (monohydrate), 1.914 g/cm3 (trihydrate) , 

Melting point 1291 °C (anhydrous)(sublimes) , 

Solubility in water 0.56 g/100 mL (0 °C), 0.67 g/100 mL (20 °C), 1.72 g/100 mL (100 °C) 


Aluminum fluoride is an important additive for the production of aluminum by electrolysis. Together with

 cryolite, it lowers the melting point to below 1000 °C and increases the conductivity of the solution. It is

 into this molten salt that aluminum oxide is dissolved and then electrolyzed to give bulk Al metal

 Aluminum fluoride is an ingredient for the production of fluoro aluminate glasses.

It is also used to inhibit fermentation.

It is a sputtering target for preparation of low index films.



We also supply below material:


Material Name Formula Purity Form
Aluminum Fluoride AlF3 99.9% Ceramic, Crystal
Yttrium Fluoride YbF3 99.99% Ceramic
Lanthanum Fluoride LaF3 99.99% Ceramic
Yttrium Fluoride YF3 99.9% Ceramic
Cerium Fluoride CeF3 99.99% Ceramic
Magnesium Fluoride MgF2 99.99% Crystal
Praseodymium Fluoride PrF3 99.9% Ceramic
Barium Fluoride BaF2 99.99% Ceramic, Crystal
Lithium Fluoride LiF 99.99% Crystal
Sodium Fluoride NaF 99.9% Ceramic, Crystal
Strontium Fluoride SrF2 99.9% Ceramic
Lead Fluoride PbF2 99.99% Ceramic, Crystal
Erbium Fluoride ErF3 99.9% Ceramic

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