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Product classification
  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
  High Pure Metals
Product Details

Terbium oxide (Tb4O7) sputtering targets,

Purity: Tb4O7/TREO: 99.95%, 99.99%, TREO: 99%.

Shape: shots, pellets, pieces, granules, rods, tablets


Pellets: 10mm dia. X 5mm L e.t.c

Pieces, Granules: 3-12mm e.t.c


It is produced by heating the metal oxalate, and it is used in the preparation of other terbium compounds.

Molar mass: 747.6972 g/mol
Appearance: Dark brown-black
Density: 7.3 g/cm3


We also supply below oxide evaporatin material:


Aluminum Oxide                                      Al2O3                      Ceramic, Crystal 

Chromium Oxide                                      Cr2O3                      Ceramic

Copper Oxide                                          CuO, Cu2O                Ceramic

Cerium Oxide                                           CeO2                          Ceramic          

Cobalt Oxide                                            CoO, Co3O4              Ceramic

Dysprosium Oxide                                    Dy2O3                      Ceramic

Eur Oxide                                                 Eu2O3                        Ceramic

Erbium Oxide                                           Er2O3                          Ceramic

Gadolinium Oxide                                    Gd2O3                        Ceramic         

Gallium Oxide                                          Ga2O3                        Ceramic

Hafnium Oxide                                          HfO2                         Ceramic       

Holmium Oxide                                        Ho2O3                         Ceramic         

Iron Oxide                                                Fe2O3, Fe3O4               Ceramic

Indium Oxide                                           In2O3                            Ceramic           

Indium Tin Oxide                                    In2O3-SnO2, ITO, 90/10wt, 95/5wt%

Lanthanum Oxide                                     La2O3                         Ceramic

Lanthanum Manganese Oxide                 LaMnO3                      Ceramic

Lanthanum Strontium Manganese Oxide      LaSrMnOx            Ceramic

Lutetium Oxide                                              Lu2O3                   Ceramic              

Magnesium Oxide                                         MgO                       Ceramic, Crystal 

Molybdenum Oxide                                      MoO3                      Ceramic

Manganese Oxide                                         MnO2,MnO               Ceramic

Nickel Oxide                                                 NiO                            Ceramic            

Niobium Oxide                                           Nb2O5, Nb2Ox            Ceramic   

Neodymium Oxide                                      Nd2O3                                

Praseodymium Oxide                                  Pr6O11

Samarium Oxide                                          Sm2O3                                 

Scandium Oxide                                          Sc2O3

Silicon Dioxide                                            SiO2                    Crystal              

 Silicon Monoxide                                       SiO                      

Strontium Ruthenate                                   SrRuO3, Sr2RuO4                     

Terbium Oxide                                            Tb4O7                                       

Tantalum Oxide                                           Ta2O5, Ta2Ox

Titanium Oxide                                           TiO, TiO2, Ti2O3, Ti3O5      Crystal, ceramic 

Tin Oxide                                                   SnO, SnO2

Tungsten Oxide                                         WO3, WO2.9 target                              

Ytterbium Oxide                                        Yb2O3                                      

Yttrium Oxide                                             Y2O3

Zircon Oxide                                               ZrO2                                              

Zinc Oxide                                                  ZnO

Vanadium Oxide                                        V2O5, VO2                             

Ruthenium Oxide                                       RuO2

LaTiO3, SrTiO3-La,                                  EuTiO3

Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide                  YBCO                     

Gadolinium Barium Copper Oxide,          GdBaCuOx


We have only listed the more popular material. Please feel free contact us with any special requirements at any times, we will try to get back for you ASAP.


Product classification

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