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  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
  High Pure Metals
Product Details
Lanthanum (La) Metal, sputtering targets, evaporation or thin film coating material, Powder
CAS: 7439-91-0 
Lanthanum metal, La material from TYR as following:
Purity: La/TREM:99.9%, TREM: 99% min.
Sputtering targets: Shape: Discs, disks, step disk, delta, plate, sheets or made per drawing
Evaporating coating material:  Shape: Sintered pieces, tablets, chunks, pellets e.t.c 
Made sputtering targets method: 
hot pressing (HP) and vacuum sintering
Powder:-625mesh, -325mesh,-200mesh,-160mesth, -100mesh e.t.c particle size
Sputtering Targets : Diameter: 355.6mm (14") max. Single piece Size: Length: <254mm, Width: <127mm, Thickness: >1mm, if larger size than this, we can do it as Tiles joint by 45 degree or 90 degree
Evaporation Material:Pieces: 1-4mm, 1-6mm, 3-6mm, 3-12mm e.t.c,  Tablets: 8-9mm dia. X 4-5mm thick, 10mm dia. X 10mm thick e.t.c
Lanthanum metal is a silvery white metallic element and is the first element of the lanthanide series (or, on occasion, considered the first element of the 6th-period transition metals).   Lanthanum is a malleable, ductile, and soft metal that oxidizes rapidly when exposed to air. It is produced from the minerals monazite and bastnäsite using a complex multistage extraction process, 
Standard atomic weight: 138.90547, Density: 6.162 g/cm3 , Melting point: 1193 K, 920 °C, 1688 °F , Boiling point: 3464 °C
As most hybrid cars use nickel-metal hydride batteries, Mischmetal, a pyrophoric alloy used in lighter flints, contains 25% to 45% lanthanum

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