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Product classification
  Sputtering Target
  Rare Earth Material
  Evaporation Material
  Chemical Reagent
  High Pure Metals
Product Details
IGZO targets, Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (Ga2O3-In2O3-ZnO) sputtering target
Purity: 99.99%
Composition: Ga2O3/In2O3/ZnO=1/1/1at%, Ga2O3/In2O3/ZnO=2/2/3at%, Ga2O3/In2O3/ZnO=1/1/2at%
Spec.: Diameter: 355.6mm , 14",  max. Single piece Size: Length: <254mm, Width: <127mm, Thickness: >1mm, if larger size than this, we can do it as tiles joint by 45 degree or 90 degree.
Shape:  discs, plate, rod, tube, sheet, Delta, Rotatable and per drawing
TYR will base on each different material to select the best way to made it and sure the finish ceramic sputtering target  to be best. 

Product classification

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