Vanadium Aluminum (V-Al) alloy targets use in evaporation or thin film coating

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Product Description

 Vanadium Aluminum (V-Al) alloy targets

Purity: 99.9%

omposition: V/Al=66/33at% or custom-made,

Size: max. 355.6mm (14 inch)

Length: 500mm max x Width 200mm x thickness 20mm max.,

Shape: Discs, disks, rod, step disk, delta, plate, sheets or made per drawing


We also can supply below alloy sputtering targets material:



Composition Composition Composition
Al-Ag Al-Cu Al-Si
Al-Si-Cu Al-Ni Al-Mg
Al-Nd Al-Cr Al-Hf
Al-Sc Al-Ti Sb-In
Bi-Sn Bi-Fe Co-Fe-Si-B
Co-Fe Co-Fe-Si Co-Sm,
Co-Ni Co-Cr Cu-Al
Cu-Ag Cr-Fe Cr-Al
Cr-Ni Gd-Fe Ge-Te
Hf-Al Hf-Fe Hf-Y
In-Sn In-Zn In-Sb
Fe-Co Fe-Pt Fe-Ru
Mg-Cu Mn-Fe Mo-Al
Mo-Nb Mo-Ta Nd-Al
Nb-Ta Nb-Ti Nb-Mo
Ni-Cr Ni-Ti Ni-Fe
Ni-V Ni-Mn Ni-Al
Sc-Al Si-Al Sm-Co
Sm-Fe Ag-Cu Ag-Al
Ag-In Ag-Zn Ta-Nb
Ta-Al Ta-W Ta-Ru
Tb-Fe Ti-Ni Ti-Al
Ti-W Sn-Zn V-Fe
V-W W-Ti W-B
W-Ta W-Al Y-Al
Y-Hf Y-Zr Zr-Y
Zn-Mg Zn-Al Zn-Sn


We have only listed the more popular material. Please feel free contact us with any special requirements at any times, we will try to get back for you ASAP.


specification︰ high pure, High density, round, plate
Label︰ Vanadium Aluminum (V-Al) alloy targets

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offering sputtering targets, evaporation material, rare earth metal, rare earth oxide, chemistry reagent


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