Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 granules
  • Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 granules
  • Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 crystal

Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 granules CAS 1345-07-9

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0.1 kg

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Product Description

Bismuth(III) sulfide (Bi2S3) granules

Purity: 99.99%, 99.999%

​Form: Vacuum melting alloy, Crystal form

Shape: pieces, granules, rods, tablets, powder


Pieces, Granules: 1-2.5mm, 3-6mm, 3-8mm, 1-3mm, 3-12mm e.t.c

​Powder: -200 mesh, -325 mesh e.t.c


Made sputtering targets method: hot pressing (HP), hot/cold isostatic pressing (HIP, CIP), and vacuum melting, vacuum sintering


Molar mass: 514.16 g mol−1, Appearance: brown powder

Density: 6.78g/cm3 , Melting point: 850 oC



It is used as a starting material to produce many other bismuth compounds


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Material Name                  Formula        Purity
Tungsten Sulfide                  WS2              99.9%
Zinc Sulfide                          ZnS               99.99%
Cadmium Sulfide                 CdS               99.99%
Molybdenum Sulfide           MoS2           99.9%
Tin Sulfide                          SnS, SnS2     99.99%, 99.999%
Antimony Sulfide               Sb2S3            99.99%
Lead Sulfide                         PbS              99.99%
Copper Sulfide                   CuS, Cu2S    99.99%

Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide      Cu2ZnSnS4     99.99%

Label︰ Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 granules

Product Image

Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 granulesBismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 granules

Bismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 crystalBismuth(III) sulfide Bi2S3 crystal

offering sputtering targets, evaporation material, rare earth metal, rare earth oxide, chemistry reagent


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