Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 powder
  • Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 powder
  • Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 granules

Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 granules, powders use in semiconductor CAS 12068-69-8

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Product Description

Bismuth Selenide, Bi2Se3 granules and powder

Purity: 99.99%, 99.999%

Shape:  pieces, granules, rods, tablets, powder


Pieces, Granules: 1-2.5mm, 3-6mm, 3-8mm, 1-3mm, 3-12mm e.t.c

​Powder: -200 mesh, -325 mesh e.t.c


Made sputtering targets method: hot pressing (HP), hot/cold isostatic pressing (HIP, CIP), and vacuum melting, vacuum sintering


Molar mass 654.8 g mol−1, Appearance Dull gray

Density 6.82 g/cm3 , Melting point: 710 oC

 Bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) is a gray powder that is a compound of bismuth and selenium also known as bismuth(III) selenide. It is a semiconductor and a thermoelectric material. While perfect stoichiometric bismuth selenide should be a semiconductor (with a gap of 0.3 eV) naturally occurring selenium vacancies act as electron donors and it often acts as a semimetal. Topologically protected surface states have been observed in Bismuth selenide which is the subject of ongoing scientific research.


Use in compound semiconductor thin film coaitng


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Label︰ Cadmium Selenide CdSe granules, powders

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Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 powderBismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 powder

Bismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 granulesBismuth Selenide Bi2Se3 granules

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