Titanium sulfide TiS2 powder

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Product Description

Titanium Sulfide (TiS2) Ceramic sputtering target

Purity: 99.9%

Molar mass: 112.03  g/mol
Density: 3.22 g/cm3, solid


Shape:  Powder

Size:  -100 mesh, -200 mesh, -325 mesh 



We also supply beow Sulfide Ceramic sputtering target : 

Iron Sulfide                            FeS, FeS2        99.9%

 Manganese Sulfide                 MnS2              99.9%

 Niobium Sulfide                     NbS2               99.9%

Tungsten Sulfur                        WS2               99.9%
Zinc Sulfide                              ZnS                 99.99%
Cadmium Sulfide                     CdS                99.99%, 99.99%
Molybdenum Sulfide               MoS2              99.9%
Tin Sulfide                                SnS, SnS2       99.99%, 99.999%
Antimony Sulfide                     Sb2S3             99.99%
Lead Sulfide                             PbS                 99.99%
Copper Sulfide                         CuS, Cu2S         99.99%
Germanium Copper Sulfide      Ge-Cu-S            99.99%
Germanium Sulfide                   GeS                   99.99%
Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide            Cu2ZnSnS4       99.99%

Lithium Sulfide                          LiS2                  99.99%

Indium Sulfide                           In2S3                99.99%

Silver Sulfide                             Ag2S                   99.99%

Antimony Sulfide                      Sb2S3                  99.99%

Aluminum Sulfide                      Al2S3                  99.9%

Samarium Sulfide                       Sm2S3                99.9%


We have only listed the more popular material.

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Label︰ Titanium sulfide TiS2 sputtering target

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